Reloptix Meta Quest Pro - Prescription Kit
Reloptix Meta Quest Pro - Prescription Kit

Reloptix Meta Quest Pro - Prescription Kit

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Prescription Instructions and PD measurement.

- Reloptix Quest Pro Light Blockers will be offered during lens selection process.  

Reloptix prescription lens insert kit for the Meta Quest Pro. Kit includes :

- 1 set of magnetic bases (bases are equipped with posts for Reloptix Quest Pro Light Blockers - Light blockers sold separately)

- 1 set of magnetic lens insert frames with premium anti-glare coated lenses.

- 1 hard case

- 1 set of microfiber protective lens bags

- 1 premium microfiber cleaning cloth

- Kit includes a 1-year warranty.

* High Index lenses included

* Pupillary distance taken into account when making the lenses


*processing time is 7- 12 business days (Saturday & Sunday do not count as business days). shipping time from Reloptix to your door is not estimated due to the variance of shipping options at checkout. -Free shipping to the U.S is USPS first class package typically 2 -3 days of travel time before hitting your door

Special Orders 3 - 4 weeks

*High powered prescription's Beyond -10.00 SPH and/or beyond -4.00 CYL may be considered a special order lens which can take additional time to process. 

*High powered prescription's Beyond +5.00 SPH and/or beyond +4.00 CYL may be considered a special order lens which can take additional time to process.

*Prescriptions that are plus power near +5.00 sph with ADD power(bifocal wearer), may convert to a higher +power which can then be a special order lens.

*Some Prism with low power prescriptions may be considered a special order, Some Prism in general may be considered special order and can take additional time to process. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anonymous (Nashville, US)
Install is easy, but the install kits blocks the devices side covers

While I call easily recommend the Quest 2 product offered by Reloptix, this product greatly impairs my ability to effectively use my Quest Pro. The magnetic strips block the side covers, which forces you to choose being this product or full immersion.

Also, the installation video shows that you have to buy an additional product to mitigate the artificially created problem above, which feels like a marketing move more than an actual solution. Their solution also seems fairly low quality to their previous product and based on the video just looks like fabric, which is a severe downgrade from the Quest Pro's size covers.

I really wanted to love this product, but I went with a competitors instead.

Hi Triskal,

I wanted to reach out as it seems like from your review you were having issues with the adapter and the light blockers. I’m sorry to hear you had a issue with them.I checked a back catalog of customer messages and didn’t see if you had reached out with this issue. If you could send me some pictures of what the issue is I can walk you thru it as the adapters are designed in such a way this shouldn’t be a issue with the light blockers. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction so we offer multiple different ways from Messenger to even Discord to reach out if you have questions in the future. Thanks in advance.

Max Melner (Asheville, US)
Long wait but worth it

I did the pre order and felt like it was quite a while till they were shipped but I can be impatient. Once arrived the assembly wasn’t overly confusing but I did need to watch a video. Now that’s it’s all set up and said and done I can spend hours, and I mean hours in the oculus pro. I used to only do 1 to 2 hours tops now I can watch full movies in vr and game for extended time. For me it’s a serious game changer, the price went up a little and the shipping isn’t instant but for me it’s definitely worth it. I have not used any other lens company for reference but I don’t feel the need to because these ones are great. It’s so much more comfortable now that I actually fell asleep with it on the other day. Thanks reloptix

Jason Pola (Salt Lake City, US)
Meta Quest Pro lenses are incredible

I've had a chance to use the Quest Pro lenses daily for almost two weeks now and they couldn't be better. Honestly, I think I see better through the VR lenses than I do with my own glasses. Installation was quick and easy because of the video the company provided. The lenses stay attached to the adapters without any issues. Everything appears crisp and clear in the headset. My VR experience has improved dramatically by not wearing glasses.

Just as a side note, it did take a while from the date I pre-ordered to when they were received, but it was well worth the wait. The quality of Reloptix lenses are far superior compared to other VR lenses I've tried. Their customer service is top notch. Would highly recommend.