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Our story

In 2018, longtime online friends Will, an industrial designer and Jason, an optician hadn't met in person untill a mutual friend's wedding. Both were VR users and both had the same problem: Wearing glasses in VR was terrible.

The scratched lenses, the frame pressure and headaches. There had to be a better solution than what was currently available. Jason had some ideas from his many years in the optical industry but hadn't fleshed them out yet.

He approached Will with his ideas and the two agreed to partner up on a solution. Something that was aesthetically pleasing like traditional eyewear but, also ergonomic and keeping the user in mind.

Why not provide the absolute best, even if it means sacrificing a little profit

— Jason Salinas - President

The Reloptix Difference

Core Values

At inception, our goal was for Reloptix and our products to embody three essential values.

We strive to bring the best design and quality to everything we make while trying to keep cost down and passing it on to our valued customers.

Quality Design and Engineering

High-Quality Optics

Customer Service and Value

We wanted to make a solution that people bought not just because they needed it to see but, overall elevates their experience.

— William Nalker -VP



Initial Design and Development

R&D started in the later part of 2019 on the Quest 1 and Rift S. Many different designs with quick detach features we're posed but none match the ease of removal and versatility of magnetic attachment.

Easy removal also meant ease of retrieval which seemed to be a issue with several of the units on the market. This is where the tab we include on most of our inserts comes in, giving the user a soft,tactile portion to grab and not come in contact with the lenses.


Company Founding and Kickstarter

Like most companies, the beginning of 2020 brought development to a temporary standstill. The middle of 2020 saw a major ramp up and after many prototypes we're tested, a eventual final production model was agreed upon.

Jason and Will then focused on establishing production and creating a Kickstarter campaign for funding. This campaign unfortunately was not successful but, instead of getting discouraged they persevered on a small budget and reached out to several of the Kickstarters to see if they we're still interested and started


Early Success

Design and production was completely home grown the basement of Jason's house becoming a lens lab and Will home office becoming a design studio. From their already established names as VR users in the burgeoning online VR community, word of mouth sales started happening.

VR groups and influencers started to take notice and Reloptix started to make a name for itself in the VR community for its quality and customer service.


Company Expands

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Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

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