Prescription Instructions

Facts about VR lenses 

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    • VR headsets have projected focal distances of about 4-6 ft depending on the headset.


    • Single Vision lenses are utilized to correct vision in VR. Do not use contact lens prescriptions. 


    • Bifocal, Progressive and Reading prescriptions will be reduced to single vision lenses and adjusted for 4-6 ft focal range.


    • Do NOT enter your reading glasses (cheaters)  power. For example the cheap glasses you buy at the grocery store or over the counter generic glasses. VR focal range is further than reading distance even though the lens is close to your eye, the simulation is further. Using +0.75 would be better if you want to " test " a generic power. Not uploading a prescription makes the order as-is non returnable, no warranty. Try at your own risk.


    • Bifocal, Trifocal and Progressive lens prescriptions all have Near power written as "ADD" "N.V" or "Near". The data usually shows plus power in a range from +.75 to +3.00. 


    • Reloptix requests you do not ask your eye doctor for a VR specific exam. That will only confuse your eye doctor and Reloptix. We ask for your distance prescription or regular Bifocal/progressive prescription. (we will do all the compensation to single vision VR distance in-house). Do not use a contact lens prescription. 


    • PL or PLANO in the sphere section of your prescription means you enter "0" in that section


    • If your prescription has letters in your Cylinder section such as  "D.S" then you only need to fill out SPH (Sphere). This means you do not have Cyl / Astigmatism. 


    • a power that does not show a + or - is always a + power prescription. (Ex.  3.00 is the same as +3.00


      • minus power always has a - in front of the number. (EX. -7.00)


    • Prism on a prescription could show a triangle to describe prism instead of text saying "Prism" . If you do not have numbers under prism or ADD power then you do not need to worry about Prism or ADD (skip that section)


    • If your PD has two large numbers such as 66/63. Then this is your Distance PD vs your Near PD. Use the distance PD for VR. This number as two pd numbers is 33/33


    • If your PD is 66.8 instead of 66 or 67 just round to the nearest number or select the lower number if stuck in between. VR is more forgiving for PD placement these adjustments will not warrant a major change in your vision. 



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Do not use your contact lens prescription. We find that contact lens prescriptions are 30% different than spectacle exams due to the distance of lens refraction and other situations that do not aid in ordering VR lens inserts.




Here are some examples of prescription situations







 Single Vision with Prism




 Reloptix Progressive Bifocal example