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Makes VR so much better

The lenses are just awesome, the price is excellent and the quality is equally excellent. I used to fight with my glasses when using VR, but with the lenses I don't have to worry about taking off my headset quickly and breaking my glasses. Very easy to attach with the magnetic rim, The lenses stay in place 100% and are made perfectly to your prescription, with the anti glare coating it keeps your eyes from getting tired. Everything is clear and sharp. I love them and I'm glad I invested in this brand of VR lenses because of price, quality and speed of delivery. I highly recommend getting these if you need glasses.

Game changer!

I work out with an Oculus Quest 30-40 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week. Sweat and fogging were real challenges with my glasses, even with the headset fan. The Reloptix lenses I ordered arrived quickly, installed easily, and are so much better for working out! I was also pleasantly surprised at the price - I was expecting the cost to be a couple hundred dollars before I started researching the options. One pleasant surprise was being able to actually feel the fan circulation on my face without the bulk of my glasses inside the headset.

Great Product

The lenses were very easy to install and has made my gaming experience crystal clear.
Would definitely recommend!

Coating? What coating?

Can't say I've noticed a difference visually with regard to the coating but then my glasses have a coating too and I don't notice it on them.
I've played a few hours now and my eyes don't get as tired maybe that's the lenses themselves or the coating.
I can say I don't see any reflections on the lenses so I guess the coating is working.

I've seen the light

Used on Valve Index. Initially had a small issue with the lenses getting dirty as my eyelashes were touching them but a new face piece fixed that (thicker padding) and now they are perfect. Played a few hours now with them and found I can play for longer as my eyes don't get as tired. Very happy with the purchase and delivery time. Highly recommended.

The lenses work very well

The Reloptix lenses work well in enhancing a clearer image. I only wish that the cover that goes on the meta lenses was easier to put on and held on a little bit stronger. I would definitely recommend this product!

Highly recommend

Definitely makes a difference and makes the quest 2 clearer. Easy to install and package was awesome.

Reloptix inserts for Quest 2

Prescription and fit is perfect.

Great product

First perfect, easy to install. Prescription is perfect. Can be removed easily for other people, even with glasses.

I can see their faces

The lenses work great, they still sit too close to my eyes even with the face shield spacer (maybe they should come out with their own spacer). For the first time I could actually see faces and targets with the headset and it didn't take me over 15 min to get my headset adjust and cranked on so tight so it didn't move. I was so wowed that I couldn't help but share my excitement with my fellow Supernatural warriors. Unfortunately I had a premature optic shift shortly after ordering and my prescription went the other direction very suddenly (not Reloptix fault) but things are no longer as clear as they should be.

It’s like wearing my glasses

I was skeptical until I read all the comments about these in a Facebook group. I was told I would love them and I do! It’s just like wearing my glasses but without all the sweat and fog. I’m loving my workouts now.

Glad I added

No eye strain or headache can play a while longer with the anti glare and blue light reduction


So much easier than fighting to get headset over glasses. East to out in and take out. Clear vision

they are great!

im so happy i dont have to wear my glasses in my headset anymore and it reduces so much eye strain for me


This is a game changer, I can finally see clearly in my Quest 2!!! Already hitting new high scores, thank you thank you thank you reloptix! Your instruction video made it so easy to install: people, watch it till the end.

Premium A/R + Blue light protection- Non RX
Michael Mortellaro (Jersey City, US)
Incredible product

In all honesty I wasn't sure how these lenses could help me at all being that I wear contacts. I am so happy to say that I was proven completely wrong. I really was shocked at the clarity difference after installing these lenses. Of course they can't change the actual clarity of the game itself, but so far I have seen a very noticeable difference in clarity in every game I've played. Could not be happier or recommend this product any more. 2 thumbs up!


Wearing my glasses with the quest 2 was really uncomfortable, so I just use my quest without my glasses, but the blurriness gets pretty annoying. I was a little skeptical on how good these inserts would work but OMG IT MAKES USING THE QUEST SO MUCH BETTER. I love these inserts.

Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit
James Pegoda (Beaverton, US)
Fixed blurry vision on PSVR2

The item shipped faster than I anticipated, which was great. Really nice case for lenses super easy to install and most importantly it cleared up the blurry view I was getting through my PSVR2 headset. I thought I was going to have to return the headset, because it was too blurry to enjoy playing anything. I also didn’t want to play with my glasses on in fear of scratching the lenses. I highly recommend these prescription lenses.

Love it Like it

I like it nice I see clear thanks

Reloptix Meta Quest Pro - Non-Prescription Kit
casey (Garland, US)
2 months

1. instead of 2 weeks, it took 2 months for the item to ship.
it would have to be perfect to recover from that delay.
2. the received item is slightly different, in that the plastic frame forms a complete circle.
that makes it more rigid, so its very tight and the inner lower edge is slightly raised.
so if the design has changed, then they need to update their install video.


I use prism in my glasses and it’s been so difficult to find a place that will do prism for my VR prescriptions and Reloptix does it and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg extra for prism!! Other places I tried were trying to add on an additional $75 for the prism and at Reloptix it’s a set price for the entire set!! It’s SO nice to be able to see in VR without having the wear my glasses! I work out a lot in VR and having my glasses fog up was SUCH a pain! These VR prescription lenses are a life changer and they’re such good quality!


Great product, prescription is spot on. Great communication, nice package with a personal note inside. Easy to install

Awesome improvement, better enjoyment

Great fit, much better than wear glasses to use my oculus. definitively great purchase

Before I could not stand 30mins of oculus with my glasses on. Now, is a breeze


I ordered 2 sets for me and my husband. They came super fast in a about a week and they work wonderfully! We are super happy with our purchase and would purchase from them again if we needed to!

Exactly what I needed!

From the time I uploaded my prescription & placed the order, the Reloptix team was fast & responsive. The lenses shipped quick & came in a nice case that protected them. I showed them to my eye doctor. He said they were very cool & looked well made. So far, I have to agree. Install was easy. Video was helpful. I really like the blue light filter & anti reflective coating. I've only used them for a few hours, but I'm impressed!