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Happy with the results, be careful with install

The lenses are great. Sooo much more comfortable without glasses. It did take a little force to snap on the round clips, but that looks necessary for stability,

As advertised

Can see so much more clearly, and installation was a breeze.

Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit
Stephen (Calgary, CA)
Very convenient! Though, a bit tight

The lenses seem to be of a nice quality, and the whole package feels premium. They were extremely easy to install, and they have a huge advantage over other VR lenses I've tried in the past, in that they're easily removable when switching players. I don't notice any difference in image quality between these lenses and the PSVR2 lenses on their own (with my contact lenses in); no added blur or reflections.

The one downside is that the lenses can squeeze the nose quite a bit if you have a low IPD (as I do). The PSVR2 already touches the sides of my nose when I have it set up correctly, and with these lenses in place it can really dig in. This is improved if I keep the screen further away from my face, but then I lose some field of view. I'll keep using these whenever I'm too lazy to put in my contact lenses, and I don't regret the purchase. I just wish it were a bit more comfortable for us low-IPD people.

Great product

Very high quality, makes playing vr much easier on the eyes.

These lenses are great

These lenses are Awesome for my Oculus quest 2 ...Can see perfectly out of them....Only took a week and a half to get them ... Very pleased with this purchase

Great purchase

The lenses work really well in my Oculus 2. I am very happy that I found these!

Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit
Charles Perusse (Pflugerville, US)
So much better than glasses

Both the comfort and visibility when playing psvr2 is so much better.

Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit
Greg (Jersey City, US)
Love it but not a perfect fit if you have the lowest IPD

Mine came today and I had a long session with them tonight. Right off the bat I will say that they are so much better than wearing glasses! I had my IPD dialed all the way to the smallest setting and the additional lens width rubbed my nose a bit. I did find that I could open the IPD a bit wider and still have good results - I suspect because the lenses are closer to my eyes now without glasses. This made them fit much better if still not perfectly. I found that the biggest difference in experience from wearing glasses is that my full field of view is in focus now. When I look up and down I no longer have to worry about looking above or below my glasses. This was really noticeable when climbing in Horizon Call of the Mountain. I also played Saints & Sinners and it felt more real than ever. I share my headset with my daughter so the magnetic inserts are key. Very happy with my purchase but would be happy to test thinner inserts if you try to make something for the 60 IPD and below crowd.

Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit
Martin Antonucci (Charleroi, US)
Pretty Good Need better Quality control

The lenses themselves are good and I can see clearly, however the craftsmanship could use some work or quality control. The lenses do not fit flush on the magnetic base and I have about a 1/8" gap between the lens frame and magnetic base on the inside and the lenes will rock back and forth on the base. I would expect the lens frame to fit the base properly. It appears warped.

Hello Martin, Could you reach out to our support via email . or join our discord community so we can recover photos of your fit.

On the order page we stipulate due to the size of the psvr2 frame some lens curvatures may warp the frame, we want to know details and try to help you if there is something we can potentially fix. We recommend if you are not satisfied with a product to reach out for post delivery service. Thank you.

Badass quality, bad design

I thought with these I can play without the facial distance addon, which normally you need with glasses. But when I'm not using this, the lenses are directly in my face and hurting my nose.

Hello Marcel, Any additional material over your HMD lens requires this specially made spacer for these specific situations, this is why the spacer exist. Some face shapes can get away without the spacer. Another method is to try a thicker face cushion or one that has a very acute face form.

Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit
Jose Matias (New York, US)

My PSVR2 lenses are nearly identical to my prescription glasses. Between 1 through 10, I’ll give it a 9. I tested them with games like Demeo and Gran Turismo, and I’m overall satisfied with them. I watched a movie with them, and I was able to see it better with my VR lenses. Like I said, nearly identical, but not perfect. However, I’m satisfied with them, and I might even purchase a pair for my Oculus Quest 2. Reloptix are very professional, and they responded to all my emails quickly 👍👍

Great improvement in PSVR2 experience.

Well crafted and accurate prescription. I had two sets made. They are easy to install and firmly stay in place. Vision in VR is now consistent and always comfortable.

Game changer

Exceeded my expectations. Optics are excellent, VR with lenses instead of glasses is so so soooooo much more comfortable.

Awesome lenses

When I would wear my regular glasses which are fairly new glasses while using the PS VR2 I could see god-rays and reflections from what's on the OLED screens. Keep in mind my glasses have anti-reflective, anti-glare, and blue light filters. The Reloptix lenses are far superior to my everyday glasses. Reflections and god rays are almost eliminated, don't even notice the blue light filter, and I can get these closer to my eyes which provides better FOV. Can't recommend these enough.

It's great

I can actually watch stuff without hurting my eyes I'm very happy with them

Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit
Stuart Hawkins (Bradenton, US)
Work great with PSVR2.

These work great with the PSVR2. Much better than with glasses. Prescription came out fine. Only negative I can think of is they had a few minor scratches but nothing notable when playing.

Reloptix Oculus/Meta Quest 2 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit
Yvonne Murphy (Displayed Publicly as YPM, Texas, US) (Wichita Falls, US)
Glad I Purchased the Prescription VR Kit

Now I can enjoy my Oculus Quest 2 without damaging my lens on my glasses or the lens on the Oculus. The installation was very easy and the price was very reasonable.

Very good and practical inserts for Quest 2

They gave me a noticeable upgrade to text readings and eye strain. Things like working a couple of hours in VR using immersed is now possible. The magnetic coupling is fantastic and really hold the lenses in the right place. The only drawback for me was the shipping costs to Brazil. Together with the customs taxes, the price of the lenses got near the price of the headset. That's the only reason I won't give 5 stars. Very good lens inserts indeed.

Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit
Jill M (Jersey City, US)
Absolutely brilliant

I haven't been able to see without glasses (or contacts, which i have never had much luck with) since 3rd grade.
And last weekend, I played mini golf without them. In Candyland.
This week, I played Beat Saber - a game I've been playing with my glasses on, sweaty & fogged up, since 2018 - for the first time, without them.
This weekend, I'll go kayaking without them.
Sure, it isn't, "real." But it's still fantastic. It was so freeing, and so much more comfortable than with my glasses on. And now I don't have to worry about my glasses damaging the unit. All while costing less than a pair of my glasses, even discounted.

They're easy to install, easy to pop off for cleaning, and there is literally no down side.
Buy them.

Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit
Christian T. (Lombard, US)
Splendid as always

I'm blind as a bat and these lens insert give me the comfort I want when playing PSVR2 games. Great build quality, easy to insert.

The case is a bit overkill compared to the Quest 2 kit I received a year ago.

Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit
Tyler Renner (Brownsburg, US)
Excellent Clarity!

These lenses are excellent! They fit great within the headset. Low profile so they don't stick out too far like glasses. I loved the presentation of the package with the box itself and the individual pouches for each lens. The magnets are excellent! They fit snug still maintain low profile for excellent viewing within the lenses. They have excellent clarity while looking through the lenses. However, I will say, since this was a pre-order, it took almost 8 weeks to receive them. That would be my only complaint. The customer service was excellent through their Discord chat. I will definitely use Reloptix again in the future when I need a new prescription of lenses! 💯

Game changwr

I was worried these wouldn’t work because I have a complicated prescription. It took several weeks to get them but they work perfectly! Definitely a great buy!

Great to see

Having the lenses in the oculas makes it so much better. Everything is clear now. What an improvement in game play

Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit
Vaughn Cavender (Roy, US)

This is a perfect replacement to my regular glasses. They have the option to type in your rx or upload. I recommend uploading your rx that way there is no mistake. I researched other companies and found excellent reviews. This company cares about their customers and their product the inserts come in a tiny pelican case and the inserts are easy to install. You can leave the inserts in so other people can use the headset then when you want to use it just pop the lenses in they are held in place by magnets. No more scratching the headset lenses or your rx glasses lenses. Eyesight was perfect and there was no areas that were blocked out. They come with anti blue and come in little felt like bags inside the pelican case. If you neednVR inserts great product great price.

Premium Anti-Reflective + Blue-Light Protect Coating
Alexandra Knight (East Greenville, US)

I see better with these lenses than my actual eyeglasses. Love it.