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Fantastic product

Way more comfortable than my glasses. Super easy to clean and handle. Well worth the money. VR is so much better and comfortable playing since purchasing these.

Oculus 2 lens

These are fantastic. I love they are magnetic so family members can easily remove these to use headset.
The only thing I would change would be the bases. They are difficult to put on. I struggled for a while and then my husband managed to get them on, he said not all that easy to do. I would get these again.

Progressive glasses!

Works perfectly. I didn’t realize how good the game graphics looked. I have a large face and my glasses did really fit. Plus I wear progressives and I never could get my glasses to line up with the correct viewing point. With these I just take off my glasses and put on the VR. If you debating, just buy them you will not regret it

Game changer

If you wear glasses and play Quest 2, these are for you! Prescription was perfect and they work flawlessly! Don’t even hesitate to buy these!

Customer service excellence

Purchased the base kit, 1 set of non prescription lenses and 1 set of prescription lenses. Both sets of lenses are high quality and function better than I expected.

The true win was reloptix customer service. The base kit broke when I tried installing. I reached out and supplied pictures of my issue. Reloptix co-founder William responded promptly and immediately shipped a replacement base kit. No arm twisting required! I wish every company would treat their customers as reloptix treated me. 5 stars!

Crisp and clear screen / Super quick and nice service

I had a pretty tight timeline before I went away for a vacation. I wanted to use my Nreal Air during the 10-hour-long flights, and Jason at Reloptix helped me getting the prescription lenses in time. He was very responsive and nice during the process.

About the lenses, I had no idea how clear the Nreal Air screen would become. I can see each pixel with the prescription lenses attached. This is beyond my expectation.

Reloptix Prescription VR Lens Kits: The Perfect Solution

I am excited to share my review of the Reloptix Prescription VR Lens kits for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. Let me start by saying that the ordering process was fantastic, and the customer service was top-notch. I ordered two different prescriptions as well as plano lenses to protect my Quest 2 lenses when others are using it, and the team at Reloptix was able to help me every step of the way to ensure I entered both prescriptions correctly so that I would get the right lenses for my needs.

Throughout the order fulfillment process, I received regular updates from Reloptix, which gave me peace of mind that everything was going smoothly. When I received the lenses, I was impressed with the high quality of the product. The cases each set of lenses came in were well-made and provided ample protection for the lenses.

The accuracy of the prescription was spot-on, which is essential when it comes to prescription lenses. Installing the lenses was a breeze, and they fit perfectly into the Quest 2 headset. Using the Quest 2 with these lenses is so much more comfortable than using the headset with glasses, which can be uncomfortable and cumbersome.

Overall, I highly recommend the Reloptix Prescription VR Lens kits for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. The ordering process, customer service, and product quality are all top-notch, and the lenses themselves are accurate and easy to install. If you're looking for a comfortable and convenient solution for using your Quest 2 with prescription lenses, then look no further than Reloptix!

You won’t be disappointed!

Works as intended. Without glasses things were a bit fuzzy. Glasses in the Meta were annoying. These lenses work perfect. Love them! Price was fair and service was excellent. Very prompt. Under promised and over delivered! These folks are great.

Nice Lenses

I had bought a set from VR-Wave and within a week, they were falling off the the HP Rebel lenses and I had to tape them in place. The Reloptix lenses are nice in that they are magnetically held in place and easy to remove if you’re letting someone else try out your VR headset. Plus the vision thru them works well and compensates for the differences in my eyes and the quality is excellent.

Works Well Simple Installation

The title says it all. I've been using them for about 2 weeks and the improvement to my VR experience is great. Once installed the improvement to my comfort was immediate and significant. Using the lenses instead of my normal progressive prescription glasses lead to a significant vision improvement. In particular field of view was greatly increased. Installation was literally a snap the was completed in less than 2 minutes. I am very pleased with the results.

The best idea ever!

These lenses are great!

Install is easy, but the install kits blocks the devices side covers

While I call easily recommend the Quest 2 product offered by Reloptix, this product greatly impairs my ability to effectively use my Quest Pro. The magnetic strips block the side covers, which forces you to choose being this product or full immersion.

Also, the installation video shows that you have to buy an additional product to mitigate the artificially created problem above, which feels like a marketing move more than an actual solution. Their solution also seems fairly low quality to their previous product and based on the video just looks like fabric, which is a severe downgrade from the Quest Pro's size covers.

I really wanted to love this product, but I went with a competitors instead.

Hi Triskal,

I wanted to reach out as it seems like from your review you were having issues with the adapter and the light blockers. I’m sorry to hear you had a issue with them.I checked a back catalog of customer messages and didn’t see if you had reached out with this issue. If you could send me some pictures of what the issue is I can walk you thru it as the adapters are designed in such a way this shouldn’t be a issue with the light blockers. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction so we offer multiple different ways from Messenger to even Discord to reach out if you have questions in the future. Thanks in advance.

Works Perfectly!

Been using these for a few months and these are a game changer. I am able to stay in VR a lot longer and comfortably! I did have an issue with one of the lenses not attaching properly due clipping piece not being a presence, but they quickly send me a one free of charge!

Long wait but worth it

I did the pre order and felt like it was quite a while till they were shipped but I can be impatient. Once arrived the assembly wasn’t overly confusing but I did need to watch a video. Now that’s it’s all set up and said and done I can spend hours, and I mean hours in the oculus pro. I used to only do 1 to 2 hours tops now I can watch full movies in vr and game for extended time. For me it’s a serious game changer, the price went up a little and the shipping isn’t instant but for me it’s definitely worth it. I have not used any other lens company for reference but I don’t feel the need to because these ones are great. It’s so much more comfortable now that I actually fell asleep with it on the other day. Thanks reloptix


These are an absolute game changer. So terrific. My glasses in the Quest 2 didn’t bother me too much but OMG so much better with the Reloptix lenses. And the customer service is superb. Can’t recommend these highly enough. If you’re on the fence - DO IT. You will love them.

Works great!

Got them on time and they actually worked accurately! Usually skeptical of buying products from China, but they were able to create these in a reasonable amount of time and get them to me. Installation was easy as well, and the magnets make it simple to take them off for cleaning when needed.

Thanks for the great review and glad you like your lenses. However we are definitely not Chinese ha! We are all designed, produced and shipped out of the ol’ US of A. We’re based in Colorado, our parts are made in Missouri and orders are sent from San Diego. We pride ourselves on that and I feel that’s what makes us stand out from a lot of our competition that usually use parts from Alibaba. Let us know if we can help you in the future and Happy Beat Sabering!

Adds a great deal of comfort to the Headset.

I have a very odd prescription (I found that out whit the online companies I normally get my glasses from couldn't make them), But it was no trouble at all for Reloptix! It did take them a little bit longer to get them made but boy what a difference they made. Not having to wear glasses with the head set really adds a lot of comfort and makes it easier to lift up the headset without knocking your glasses off! And since they attach with magnets, they are very easy to take off if someone else uses your set as well.

Great quality of life enhancement for your G2!

Easy to install and, very good build quality! The sharpness and the overall picture is great! The magnetic frame makes is effortless to share my headset with non-glasses friends. Production and international shipment was fast (with DHL Express to Europe). Definitely recommended!

Reloptix HP Reverb G2 Lens Insert Kit-Prescription
Lee Herring (Bury St Edmunds, GB)
They work great even with a very strong perscription

I have extreme short sightedness to the extent that most doctors will comment on it durring an eye exam and several places have been unable to provide me glasses. However the lenses from here worked great, where right the first time, and still only cost $80. I have already recommended them to two of my friends who have VR headsets.

Great lenses for the price point

I absolutely love these lenses! They did a great job of cutting a complicated lens set for me as I have bad double vision and need a number 8 prism optic, I need lens correction for clarity and have astigmatism.
My only complaint is that there was a very long wait time from the time I ordered them until I received them. It was just over 1.5 months, but part of that may be because it was shortly after Christmas 2022 and I'm sure a lot of people got these goggles as presents so there was probably a lot of orders put in at about the same time.


The inserts are fantastic, thank you for asking for my review. keep up the great work guys!!

Worth the wait

Literally lenses were a game changer for my oculus quest experience. Great product fitting a true need in the vr marketplace. I wear progressive lenses so the wait was longer than I initially expected but frequent order status alerts helped ease the frustration and the lenses worked as advertised right out of the box. Price point was what attracted me based on you tube reviews. All in all a great product at a good price and easy ordering experience. Could do without the case since the lenses never come off my oculus.

I didn’t have high expectations

My issue is with distance vision, so how would these help me see the kinda blurry oculus? The price wasn’t bad and I was willing to give it a shot but didn’t expect much. There is no more blur, no more squinting at all. The magnets aren’t as strong as I’d expected but they are easy to install, stay in place, and I CAN SEE. Everything was just a little soft focus before, I’d be fine with it, a little squinting at some parts of most games didn’t bother me but it’s night and day with these lenses. Some accessories, like the replacement pad on my oculus that had a built in fan, are a little tight on space and can nudge the lens but it hasn’t moved during play yet. I’d recommend for anyone who is near sighted but still having some challenges with VR clarity.

They are well-built, I love the case they came with, and being easy to remove means I don’t have to deal with blur when my family wants to play too. Everything arrived on time and the lenses were accurate so I can’t comment on their service beyond that but so far … 10/10

Awesome ware

This is a real life changer for anyone wearing glasses that don't want to take the hassle to wear contacts. The blue light filter that comes with it for free also makes me get headaches less often. It took a few more business days to get my order ready, but when I contacted them the VP of the company replied to me the same day during the night, which showed me they really care about their customers.

As for the product itself, it's really easy to install if you watch their video, the sockets don't come off easily once properly placed, the lenses are easily cleanable since they clip with magnets and I can enjoy clear vision without having glasses dig into my face or feel the discomfort of contact lenses. The carrying case is very rigid and will protect your lenses perfectly if you make someone else try your headset and need to take the lenses off. I don't like the cleaning cloth, but that doesn't matter since that's not what I was buying :)

All in all, this is a solid product. Highly recommend.

Blessing not to have to wear glasses!