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Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit
Matthew Beattie (St. Albert, CA)
Great Product, Great Customer Service

I couldn't be happier with these lenses. Shipped right on time, arrived quick and they are very well packaged. Include soft bags for the lenses and a carry case for everything. Super easy to install and removing them is quick and simple with the magnetic frames clipped in. Highly recommend!

Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit
Matt R. (Littlehampton, GB)
So pleased with these

The lenses are excellent and build quality of the frames is as well. The quality of life upgrade over having to wear glasses in the headset makes these easily worthwhile and the fact that they pop out makes general cleaning maintenance easy too. When in place, the magnets hold great and there's been no slippage at all. Absolutely no complaints at all, great products!

Prescription is perfect

One lens has a small scratch, it can't be seen in the headset. They work without issue. Best lens kits out there, no exception, in my opinion.

Hey William, if you email us at your lens side we can fix this for you. There’s no need to settle on having a scratched lens. Thank you for the review!

Great product!!!

Got these for my quest 2 and quest 3! Both work great and a perfect visually for my prescription. Great support too!!!

Now I can use my Oculus

Certainly! Here's a slight refinement:

I had Reloptix for my Quest 2, and I knew I was going to stick with them for the Quest 3. I bought the Quest 3 right when it came out and was very disappointed that my eyes had gotten worse, making it difficult to use it without lenses. However, once they came in, I watched the little instruction video, popped in the lens holder, and now my Quest 3 looks crystal clear.


You're not going better for the price. Magnets, clear, and my wife doesn't feel as sick as with her glasses so, bonus!

Also, my technical questions were quickly and very well answered by Jason, all around great experience.

Great Rx Lenses for VR

Just got Reloptix corrective lenses for my Quest 3. I previously used their lenses on my Quest 2 and Reverb G2. They are a game changer for anyone who wears glasses. Build quality and clarity are excellent. Very easy to install and much better than wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. Lense inserts use a magnetic fit that attach to a secure base and can be easily removed if you're sharing your headset with others. Customer service staff is friendly and very responsive. Products are made in USA. I highly recommend these to anyone needing corrective lenses for Quest headsets.

GREAT lenses

This is my 4th pair of lenses from Reloptix (changing prescriptions/devices). As always, the lenses are top notch. The slim form factor is amazing, and the installation is incredibly easy. Worth every penny.

Reloptix Meta Quest 3 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit
I can see clearly now it’s a miracle!

After months of wait, my order finally arrived! So happy I can play without my spectacles now. The Reloptix lenses were way to install and I have perfect view now! The packaging is fantastic too!

Great product

These worked great. I had the ones for the quest 2 and this are just as good if not better. They do not affect the quality of the screen at all. What I really liked was the packaging. It’s a well made case and I like the little bags they come in.

Clean Sight and Quick Install

Loved that the installation only took 30 seconds. Just popped them and was ready to go. Also appreciate the cool packaging.

I have no issues with the lenses as they dont protrude and are super thin.

They are perfect. High recommend.

I've owned the quest 2 magnetic lenses from this company. I came back to get quest 3 prescription lenses. The quest 3 magnetic snap on design has been improved. It's much better. My prescription hasn't changed so i gave them the same prescription and the lenses came out perfect again.

Only issue is with glare BUT the glare isn't so much to do with wearing prescription lenses. The quest 3 pancake lenses can have a bit or a lot of a glare / foggy look when you're in a dark VR environment and a bright light is in front of you. At first i thought it was the prescription lenses but when i googled the issue i found many quest 3 owners complaining about glare. I usually don't notice it but in that lighting environment, standing around in VR, looking around, you may notice it. Soooo just mentioning this because it's a quest 3 issue. Not really an issue with these prescription lenses. Lower the brightness of the headset might help.

Fantastic lenses! Everything fits great. Crystal clear view. I ordered a pair for my wife as well. She has thick lenses and they fit perfectly in the quest 3. I definitely recommend these lenses.

Good quality, well-designed lens kit

This is a very well made psvr2 lens kit. I got a non-prescription set in the hope of minimising mura effect of psvr2 and to protect the lenses inside my headset. Frankly, it didn't make any difference on mura, but it provides a good protection to lenses, and you don't have to touch and wipe them when they need cleaning. Although mura is still there, I'm happy with this purchase because of its lens protection and build quality. Also, it doesn't affect FOV much due to its compact design.

If you need a prescription lens insert kit for psvr2, I believe this would be a game-changer since its build quality and comfort are already great. My only complaint would be the high shipping cost to the UK. Highly recommended.

Yes Yes Oh God yes!

And no, This isnt when Harry Met Sally, but that scene sums up how amazing the view is now on my quest 3. I am a 3rd time shopper here over the years and I will be a lifer. I cant find anything negative to say about this company. The lenses are a far superior design on the Quest 3 over the Quest 2. If you want Quality, and a team that stands behind their work, you buy reloptix. If you want issues, you go elsewhere. Quality 10 Ease of Installation 10 Case 10(amazingly strong case) extra 10(they include cloth, bags, storage case and stickers as well a personalized thank you card) YouTube video placeholder
Worth the wait

Got my lenses today. I wear progressive bifocals with prism and a -10.25. The lens are dead on. The mounting rings we easily to install and overall everything seems great. Love not having to deal with my glasses while I am AR/VR. Highly recommend these.

Reflections psvr2

Lenses fit well and are easy to clean and this is why I bought them however there is a noticeable green reflection that is not there without them and this disappears in bright games but is visible in dark situations I have yet to find a way round it sadly

Hey John, thank you for supporting us! Glare is unavoidable in VR. Even though you do not see green glare without the lenses in place , there is glare emitting from the headset which is white glare and is likely to tire your eyes before the green / uv protectant lenses would. We suggest trying to make your environment pitch black to see the glare reduced. Half of RX or non-RX glare is from the backside of the lens from light leakage around your environment. Let us know what you find! We’re interested!

They were perfect!

The inserts came as promised and were easy to install. They fit better than my previous inserts for Quest 2 from a different company. I can wear them without having to adjust mask spacer!


Got my Q3 lenses today. They fit perfect and the prescription it dead on. Definitely worth the wait and way more comfortable than wearing glasses. I think the glare is reduced as well. Couldn't be more pleased. Thanks!

Must have for anyone with glasses using VR

Nothing but praise for the Reloptix prescription lenses! I ordered them for my Vive Pro 2, they arrived very quickly, are easy to install and the result is simply amazing. I now see better in VR than in real life with my normal glasses. Anyone who wears glasses and is using VR should get these. Why spend a lot of money on a powerful graphics card to run VR when you cannot see half of the pixels? This small investment is well worth it!

Clearer image

I like seeing clearly now with my inserts. I do wish that the little storage pouches were a bit larger as the lenses barely fit in them so I'll have to forego using them and just drop them into the storage case naked when someone else needs to use the headset. Nice case, and lenses. Seems to fog up faster with them installed than without but I just adorn a bandana and that usually helps out.

Works as intended

Easy to install and does what its supposed to do.

Game changer for VR experience.

Seeing stuff clearly is actually quite important. Who would have thought? LOL These are awesome. They snap on and you don't even know they are on..they are seamless and well constructed with a nice case; this IS a complete no brainier if you have a prescription for glasses/contacts. DO IT.

Quest 2 VR Lenses: Game changing revelation!

Wasn't sure these would help, as I've been playing and (I thought) seeing pretty well since I got my Quest 2 three years ago. Turns out I was missing all kinds of detail and the lenses improved the graphics dramatically! I tried pure distance lenses first and they helped for distance, but weren't fantastic. Then I tried the lenses with both distance and "ADD" (near) prescriptions (I didn't know what that meant initially) and they provided the crystal clarity I was looking for! If you have a distance prescription but also use reading glasses, you NEED your ADD prescription from an optometrist (its the same as your reading power when you pick out readers, except your two eyes are probably at least a little different and a measured prescription will provide better results). Quick change or removal is easy because of the magnets, if you have more than one user!

Reloptix Oculus/Meta Quest 2 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit
normand languedoc (Vaudreuil-Dorion, CA)
happy of the purchase

fit perfectly on quest 2