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Great pair of lenses

The lenses are a game changer for me. The prescription of the lenses were right on and installing them was super simple. The lenses come with a very nice case in case you need to pop the lenses out for someone else to use the headset. I find I am using the Quest 3 more since the images are a lot more clearer. I would not hesitate to recommend these great lenses to anyone.


The Reloptix prescription inserts (Quest 3) are simply fantastic! What a great design -five stars awesome!

So thankful!

We tried other manufacturers and they could not get my son's prescription to work because it is fairly severe. Reloptix was able to. My son says, "yeah I can see much better with the lenses. I can see words clearly now. Before, I wasn't really able to see words well that much, but now I can play games without having to go up close or move the headset around or look at the words in a different perspective to try and possibly see it. Reloptix helped me a lot." And so easy to install .. Thank you, Reloptix!

Amazing lenes

I am very happy with the lenses. It is easy to install and easy to use. It has changed my VR experience. I tried to order from other othorized lens supplier but they can not built my high prescription.
I am also happy with customer service.

Spot on

Spot on prescription, easy install and don't interfere with comfort.

Amazing lenses

My prescription is pretty high and I am amazed on how Reloptix was able to make them fit with the Quest 3. It feels so much better not having to wear glasses with the Quest 3 anymore. Reloptix is worth the money.

night and day.

I was shocked how blurry the PS VR2 was when I bought it, I thought there must be something wrong. Then I read about Reloptix. And I thought to myself that I give it a try anything was better than what I was seeing. I received my lenses a couple days ago, and I was blown away by the night and day difference. Now I play my psvr too all the time. Thank you Reloptix for such a great product, keep up the amazing work you do.

Great prescription lens for VR gamers

I really love these lenses. They snap right in and I can adjust the sides of the depth adjustment on the facial interface all the way in to block the light much better. I no longer have to wear my glasses while gaming which hurts after a while. Definitly worth it. Thank you.

Excellent product

Had a great experience with the lens I ordered.

Meta Quest 3

Very happy with the prescription lenses. Makes using the headset so much better.

Does what is says

Great communication and customer service. There was a bit of a hang up that I started and a delay that resulted from it. But these guys were great and they handled the situation when they came across it. I would definitely recommend anyone buying anything from Reloptik.

Get these lenses for your Meta Quest 3!

I have a tough eye prescription... I had been rejected by all of the other optic companies offering VR lenses. Reloptix made it so simple! Follow the directions, enter script and pay a little extra for my special lens for my left eye and a month later....Bam... not more trying to cram my glasses into my VR headset. IMHO it a no-brainer. Get you some.


This shit works. Buy it it's worth it

Simply perfect!

Not cheap but essential for 50 and up ;) Good communication, product quality, packaging, everything is just perfect!! Thank you Jason and Will!

Game changer!

This is my second set of Reloptix lenses and I’m just as happy as the first pair. Amazing difference in comfort and clarity over my glasses! Cannot recommend highly enough!

5 Star no question about it

Today I finally got my Reloptix glasses (It took over a month) and after a quick test this is what I think. On my Quest 2 I had another companies glasses, they were cheaper but even the glasses weren't as clear as Reloptix glasses but yeah it did get the job done. With the Reloptix glasses I could tell the difference right away. You will probably say I was blind now I can see, great job thank you Reloptix. Everything from the packaging to the personal letter inside makes you feel special.

If you live outside USA, there can be additional customs, other than that there is not much to say. Perfect product with perfect customer service.

Good product

High quality lenses that fit into the headset neatly and securely. Makes using the headset without glasses a pleasure.

Work well

I appreciate their functionality and availability. Time frame accurate. Frame touches my eye brows so I have to extend the visor out to accommodate. A bit of a halo effect with vision but better than wearing glasses for sure.

Wonderful lenses that work as advertised!

Very well priced and would highly recommend them! I've been using them on and off for half a year now.

Reloptix Meta Quest 3 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit
Mischa Coldwater (Minneapolis, US)
Well worth the wait

I got VR optician lenses for my CV1 headset because they were the only company who made them. They were fine but felt a little cheap, and are a huge pain to take off if I ever wanted to share the headset or even clean beneath them. I decided to try reloptix after several youtubers said they were the best and I'm very glad I did. The lenses feel much higher in quality, and being magnetic makes it super easy to take on and off for sharing and cleaning. It took awhile for them to arrive but it was well worth the wait. No notes, highly recommended.

Easy to Install and They Just Work

I have been enjoying my lenses for a week or so now. My helmet is now more comfortable - especially for workouts.

Reloptix Meta Quest 3 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit
Diogo Jose da Silva (São Paulo, BR)
Finally I can use Meta Quest 3 without my glasses

Without a doubt buy this lens was a game change experience! Recommend!

Really works well for my purpose and the magnetic lenses make my life a lot easier for cleaning, and my prescription for the lenses are spot on

Pretty much perfect

They work fine, easy to attach and remove and the prescription was correct. A must have for glasses wearers.