Reloptix Quest 3 lens insert kit
Reloptix Meta Quest 3 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit

Reloptix Meta Quest 3 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit

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Prescription Instructions and PD

 Early Pre Orders begin shipping November 24th!

Reloptix Prescription lens insert kit for the Meta Quest 3.

Kit includes :

- 1 set of magnetic bases

- 1 set of magnetic lens insert frames with premium anti-glare coated lenses.

- 1 hard case

- 1 set of microfiber protective lens bags

- 1 premium microfiber cleaning cloth

- Kit includes a 1-year warranty.

* High Index lenses included

* Pupillary distance taken into account with the IPD settings for Quest 3

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Product design finalized! September - October Pre-orders will start shipping out near November 24th. Orders placed in November will start shipping week of December 8th. If you have not received a tracking email it means we have not shipped your order yet. Rest assured we are actively working on your order! Some orders naturally will take longer if we need to correct something.

Check below to see if your lens is a special order. 

Early pre-order special orders are due to start shipping as early as December 15th. These are lenses that are beyond the power we stock. 

Shipping estimates may change based on processing discovery. 


Special lens powers-Special order's may take 4-6 weeks to produce

*High powered prescription's Beyond -10.00 SPH and/or beyond -4.00 CYL may be considered a special order lens which can take additional time to process. 

*High powered prescription's Beyond +5.00 SPH and/or beyond +4.00 CYL may be considered a special order lens which can take additional time to process.

*Prescriptions that are plus power near +5.00 sph with ADD power(bifocal wearer), may convert to a higher +power which can then be a special order lens.- These lenses may be flagged for needing a frame customization that may raise the price. We will try our best not to deny your order.

*Some Prism with low power prescriptions may be considered a special order, Some Prism in general may be considered special order and can take additional time to process. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
C. (Anaheim, US)
Worth the wait

Got my lenses today. I wear progressive bifocals with prism and a -10.25. The lens are dead on. The mounting rings we easily to install and overall everything seems great. Love not having to deal with my glasses while I am AR/VR. Highly recommend these.

Brian H. (Greenville, US)
They were perfect!

The inserts came as promised and were easy to install. They fit better than my previous inserts for Quest 2 from a different company. I can wear them without having to adjust mask spacer!

Bill M (Frisco, US)

Got my Q3 lenses today. They fit perfect and the prescription it dead on. Definitely worth the wait and way more comfortable than wearing glasses. I think the glare is reduced as well. Couldn't be more pleased. Thanks!

Larry Dommer (Crown Point, US)
Just a little helpful(?) Info

We bought our Quest 2 lenses from this company, and were very happy with them.
But being impatient decided to go with the Quest affiliate for our Quest 3's.
So here are some observations. The lenses we bought snap right on to the Quest 3 probably eliminating some of the distance that the reloptix will protrude out. That being said, I still had to adjust the face pad out to keep my eyes(lashes) from touching. That wouldn't be so bad except quality control of theQuest 3 is non-existent, and when you reset the facepad it shifts when you put it on. For us it's not an issue and a drop of glue is holding so far, but if you share your headset it's going to be an issue.
Also the main reason we bought the lenses was because the pass-through is a bit fuzzy. Don't buy because of that. Play a few games before you decide you need lenses.
Again I think the pass-through view is a quality control issue.
We were pleased with our reloptix for Quest 2. Hope this helps out on your purchase decision.

Thanks for the input Larry. Actually this design is the closest we have ever reached near the HMD lens due to these issues other brands are having in setting 1 and 2. We spent extra time with our lens placement for this specific reason you are experiencing. We also note if you need to fine tune near setting 1 or setting 2 some in between adjustments of spacing can be controlled by tilting the headset slightly up from its pivot point which creates slightly more gap near the nose. Thanks again & game on!