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Reloptix non rx

I have tried a pair of lenses from another company, and in my opinion they were sub par. They seemed like they would fog up more, and the clarity just wasn’t there. I got online, and heard about reloptix from a youtuber, and decided to give them a shot. I am glad I did, because these non rx lenses I got from reloptix gives me the best lens coverage, and clarity from the other set of lenses I tried from the other company. If you are someone still trying to figure out which pair to get then just get these. THEY DO NOT DISAPPOINT. I am also new to VR, and I wanted something I could trust to protect my investment. Thanks reloptix. Will purchase again when a buy my girlfriend a quest 3.

R.J. (Albuquerque, US)
Great quality. Very well packaged as well.

It appeared great time and effort goes into preparing and shipping these. I’m very pleased and will be ordering the prescription variety inserts soon! Couldn’t be more pleased.

c.s. (Perth, AU)
Just what I needed.

Really high-quality lenses and are very easy to install. It is well worth the wait!

C.L. (Atlanta, US)
Outstanding and High-Quality Materials

This is my second purchase of lenses for my Quests. I loved these so much with my Quest 2, when I got my Quest 3, I immediately placed my order. The product is outstanding, and the customer service is FAST and professional. I love this product. I will buy these lenses every time I upgrade my VR device. Thank you!

Anonymous (Broken Arrow, US)

Really high quality and really easy to install but took a while to ship.