Special Order/ Experimental Lens service

Lenses that fall under the category of Special Order, are powers that are not ordinarily stocked in our inventory. They require a custom order from our lens distributor. Also, due to their high-power levels, these lenses may not be compatible with regularly stocked frames. They may also require custom frames to be designed and produced to accommodate your prescription.

Like Special Orders, Experimental Prescription Orders are powers that would likely not be available from any VR lens provider. (These powers typically require thick lenses that would not fit in our stock frames.) Some of the powers mentioned for this category leave almost no clearance between the headset lenses and your eye. In light of this we are willing to try to accommodate most high prescriptions. We cannot guarantee with full certainty that we can create every lens. We highly recommend using additional comfort accessories paired with these prescriptions to provide the most comfortable experience. 3rd party accessories like an adjustable facial interface, thicker face cushion, head strap, cross head strap from ear to ear help reduce face pressure and helps create the distance needed for your experimental lens inserts to work comfortably. Reloptix is not endorsing any specific third party product, but we have found that the use of them can be beneficial to some users.

We take pride in helping many people see in VR that have been turned away by other manufacturers. Contact us if your prescription falls beyond these powers and we will be open to discuss possibilities.

What is the process and how do you get charged?

The Reloptix team verifies every incoming prescription submitted with an order. During high volume seasons we can take up to a week or slightly more to verify a new order entry. If the order is submitted without a prescription upload and there are indications of potential manual entry error, we will reach out and request a copy of the prescription. After we have all the correct data we need, we will request verification from our chief optician who will verify that the order can or can not be completed in house. (Either because of  power or by prism.) If the chief optician declares the order is special order or experimental prescription, we will email the customer and explain the needs to produce the lens inserts. At that time we will edit the order with the need for special or experimental production and send a payment link to the customer at the email provided with the order. If for any reason the customer does not want to proceed with the order, a request for cancellation can be submitted and executed.

After payment has been made, the special or experimental order will be placed with our distributor. Our typical wait period to get these lenses in Reloptix hands will be posted on the prescription product page near the Special Order section. Once Reloptix receives these lenses we verify the quality of the lens, the Rx accuracy, and only then allow the lens through for processing. Since these lenses are very costly and time consuming to obtain we run special order and experimental lenses through a more focused processing. This can take longer to finalize before shipping. If for any reason the lens does not pass final inspection, we will need to re-produce the lens which is then processed through our distributor in a upcoming batch that will ship to Reloptix.

Detailed view of powers and lens pricing

Prism orders are quite complex and can be in either category depending on the power. We will reach out and let you know which category your order falls in and what the next steps would be.

Some prism we can perform in-house. We will verify before we send you any request.


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