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J.H. (Florence, US)
Prescription lens

I wear glasses and with the old quest it was incredibly inconvenient but I made it happen. Now I have the quest 2 and my new glasses do not allow me to wear them. Without my glasses playing was very very blurry. I ordered a set of lens from them and they shipped them fast. The quantity is amazing and even got a hand written thank you. I couldn’t recommend these more! If you wear glasses and not using these prescription lens you are doing yourself a disservice. Order these and enjoy VR without your glasses rubbing against the lens and constantly having to adjust the headset.

I.A. (Birmingham, US)
I can see!!

These are great. They were super easy to install into the VR Headset and I can see clearly.

A. (Belleville, US)
FINALLY! I can VR in comfort!

I got prescription lenses for the Quest 2, and they are phenomenal! They have a low profile base and don't touch my eyelashes or face at all. The magnets make the lenses easy to pop on and off, which is great because my partner and I share the Quest. The case and little lens bags are great, too. I only wish I got these sooner. So much frustration getting my glasses to fit comfortably in the headset. These are absolutely worth it! 10/10 would recommend.

D. (Saint Paul, US)

They're easy to install and work just perfectly. The prescription was spot-on and my eyes no longer strain when I use my headset (Quest 2). The hard case and things are a really nice touch too. I love them, thank you!

J.S. (DeLand, US)
Excellent Lenses

These make the VR experience much better than trying to play with glasses and risk scratching the headset's lenses. Good quality it is like wearing my own glasses without my glasses.