Extra Reloptix Oculus Quest 2 Prescription Lens Inserts

Extra Reloptix Oculus Quest 2 Prescription Lens Inserts

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Prescription Instructions and PD measurement.


Reloptix Extra set of Prescription lenses for the Oculus/Meta Quest 2. (Not a full Kit, These are extra parts)

- 1 set of magnetic lens insert frames with premium anti-glare coated lenses. (this is not a full kit, does not come with magnetic bases)

- 1 hard case

- 1 set of microfiber protective lens bags

- Kit includes a 1-year warranty.

* High Index lenses included

* Pupillary distance taken into account with the IPD settings for the Quest 2 lenses.


*processing time is 7- 12 business days (Saturday & Sunday do not count as business days). shipping time from Reloptix to your door is not estimated due to the variance of shipping options at checkout. -Free shipping to the U.S is USPS first class package typically 2 -3 days of travel time before hitting your door

Special Orders 3 - 4 weeks

*High powered prescription's Beyond -10.00 SPH and/or beyond -4.00 CYL may be considered a special order lens which can take additional time to process. 

*High powered prescription's Beyond +5.00 SPH and/or beyond +4.00 CYL may be considered a special order lens which can take additional time to process.

*Prescriptions that are plus power near +5.00 sph with ADD power(bifocal wearer), may convert to a higher +power which can then be a special order lens.

*Some Prism with low power prescriptions may be considered a special order, Some Prism in general may be considered special order and can take additional time to process. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael T (Acworth, US)
Great inserts for Quest 2

The lens inserts work great with the Quest 2. I bought 2 sets for myself and another player since the magnetic inserts make it easy to switch without any hassle. Lens are very clear, even for those with astigmatism. Will buy 2 sets for the Psvr2 when available!

Evan Jeffries (Alexandria, US)
Great Product

Not having to wear glasses in Quest headset is a treat. Very comfortable. Magnetic holders are a great idea. Two players on your headset? No problem...just swap lens inserts.
Also, incredible customer service. Have communicated with Jason several times and he has done everything he could to help me. Extraordinary!!!

Amy Atkinson (Washington, US)
Perfect focus, it does touch the bridge of my nose a bit though

The lenses are perfect, I couldn't ask for better. My only (very, very minor) complaint is that the mounts touch the bridge of my nose a bit. It's not enough to cause discomfort or anything, but it should be noted. I'll definitely buy these again if my prescription changes!

Michael Rosplock
Game changer

Best Occulus upgrade ever..a total game changer..no more bent, broke foggy glasses..and scratched lenses! 100% more comfortable! Thank you!

D.L. (Ottawa, CA)
Must have for Oculus Quest 2 Users with Glasses

These Reloptix lenses have changed my VR experience entirely. When I was using my glasses, even with the Oculus glasses adapter, I would still have them often rubbing against the Oculus lenses. Not to mention how difficult it was to get the device on and off while wearing glasses. Lastly, Oculus can only accommodate up to certain sized glasses making it impossible to use if you have wider frames. I would highly recommend anyone to use these lenses.

On top of that, customer service with these guys is amazing. They are super responsive over FaceBook chat and have so much patience for people asking questions it's unbelievable. They also have an incredible story behind the company that they chose not to share publicly. I urge you to ask them about it, you will be amazed. I am more than happy to support them and recommend them to anyone.

Great job guys!!