Premium Anti-Reflective + Blue-Light Protect Coating

Premium Anti-Reflective + Blue-Light Protect Coating

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tim r brown (Moody, US)
1st set of lens for my oculus

I purchased my oculus for xmas and have been using it with my glasses. I had issues and it made my eyes hurt. I got these a few days ago and use them for a bit every day and it is amazing the difference they have made in playing and just using the oculus as well as seeing through the passthrough.

Santiago Villanueva (Odessa, US)

My lenses took so long to get to me but was worth it very satisfied good quality.great product and comfortable and easy to install.

Danny Lawrence
night and day.

I was shocked how blurry the PS VR2 was when I bought it, I thought there must be something wrong. Then I read about Reloptix. And I thought to myself that I give it a try anything was better than what I was seeing. I received my lenses a couple days ago, and I was blown away by the night and day difference. Now I play my psvr too all the time. Thank you Reloptix for such a great product, keep up the amazing work you do.

Jaime Vega (East Hampton, US)
Reloptix - Quest 3 - Excellent addition

Perfect fit and excellent quality. I have a very light prescription, but these lenses made the already great quality amazing! My lenses came with the bases attached, so it made the installation video a little confusing. At first, I thought I was missing the bases. But, the lenses snapped right installation is super easy. I love the magnetic retention for the lenses. That will make future prescription changes an easy swap. Great work. The hand written note gives the lenses a personal touch.

Geanine Shick (Longs, US)
2nd Pair Same great quality

I had to update my rx so I had to get my new oculus eyes! Thank you for the great product!!!!