Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit

Reloptix PSVR2 - Prescription Kit

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Prescription Instructions and PD

Shipping estimates may change based on processing discovery

Current wait time to ship your order is 8 - 10 Business Days due to high demand. Shipping estimates at checkout do not affect the wait time and may change. Special Order and Experimental lens powers submitted will be approved or denied by our RX team and subject to additional fees. Check below for details.

Kit includes:

  • 1 set of magnetic bases
  • 1 set of magnetic lens insert frames with premium anti-glare coated lenses
  • 1 hard case
  • 1 set of microfiber protective lens bags
  • 1 premium microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Kit includes a 1-year warranty
  • Aspheric High Index lenses included

* High Curve lens warning- Some prescriptions may naturally curve this big frame which may not look flush on the base adapter. leaving a slight gap, this will not alter the function any.

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Special Order Prescriptions

Subject to approval and $25 non-refundable fee

  • Sphere -10.25 to -13.75, +5.25 to +6.75
  • Cylinder -4.25 to -5.75, +4.25 to +5.75
  • Custom designed frame may be required
  • Can take 5-6 weeks + to manufacture

Experimental Prescriptions

Subject to approval and $50 non-refundable fee

  • Sphere -14 to -16, +7 to +9
  • Cylinder -6 to -8, +6 to +8
  • Custom designed frame may be required
  • Can take 5-6 weeks + to manufacture

Please visit our Special Order / Experimental Lens page to better understand these services by clicking this text 

If your prescription is not listed in the experimental category, please reach out to us and we will see if we can accommodate you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Aaron Goodwin (Richmond, US)
Spot on

First time buyer so had no idea what to expect and was completely satisfied with my purchase. Easy install. No more clunky glasses under my psvr2 headset.

Dylan Boyd (Holt, US)
Best experience so far!

Informative feedback about my prescription, prompt shipping times, and useful installation guide! The build quality and ease of use of the magnetic lens is leagues better than the cheaper brands I have used. The clarity is excellent! I even prefer these lens kits over my contact lens. My only complaint would be the reduced FOV from the lens spacing but that was expected due to the headset itself and me having a big nose.

Glenn King (Northampton, GB)
Awesome job

These optics made such a difference to my VR. Super quick despatch and would highly recommend. Thank you.

Not satisfied

Waited 3 weeks for the lenses to get shipped out. When I received them, I found that the lenses were not installed evenly on the plastic housing.

Hello Lawrence. It appears we did not receive any word from you that you may have any issues through any of our channels of support (email, discord, messenger). It may appear uneven in some cases due to high cylinder powers since the lens is quite curved. We are not sure what you are experiencing since we were not given a chance to correct this. If you feel like having support from the company that manufactures this product please reach out to with photos so we can guide you. This info can also be found on the bottom of the website on the contact us page. Thank you and sorry again you are experiencing issues. We would love to help you

Pui shung Tsang (New York, US)
Review - Prescription kit for PSVR2

Good Quality lens and nice packaging. The only thing can improve is the wait to get the lens ready for delivery.