Premium Anti-Reflective Coating

Premium Anti-Reflective Coating

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Customer Reviews

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Damion Green (Kansas City, US)
No Noticeable Glare

Seems to do what it was intended for, even after removing the light blocker around my nose.

Harry Skigis (Mesa, US)
The One MUST OWN PS VR2 Peripheral

You don't know how much more clear VR can be if you don't have prescription lenses for your headset. Even with your glasses smooshed in the headset you just don't get this clarity. The comfort and clarity of the Reloptix lenses is off the hook!
I also got the blue light option on my lens kit and I can play for so much longer with minimal fatigue and eye strain. Worth every penny plus some. See VR all over again!

Brandon Keating (Ashburn, US)
Amazing clarity and quality product!

Just like having my regular prescription glasses on!!! Cannot recommend enough!!! :D!

Terrence FitzGibbon (Charlotte, US)
Great lenses

This is my second pair due to a new pres prescription. I play Elite Dangerous with my Reverb G2 goggles. A huge difference is clarity in game. Quality product, very good customer service.

Walter Rice (Sacramento, US)
Great product.

Great product, great customer service, great business owners and great communication in case you have any questions or concerns.