Reloptix NReal Air Prescription Kit
Reloptix NReal Air Prescription Kit
Reloptix NReal Air Prescription Kit

Reloptix NReal Air Prescription Kit (mail us your frame)

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Reloptix NReal Air Prescription Kit (Mail us your frame)

U.S. Customers Only - We do not offer this service for any other country at the moment.

Current processing time when your frame arrives to our lab (Estimated 12 business days)

This is a prescription lens service fulfilled by Reloptix utilizing your existing Nreal Air adapter frame. We are not affiliated with NReal therefore require your hardware to perform optical services. 

How does the service work?

Included in the price of the lens is premium shipping service getting your lens insert to our Lab. We will then use your measurements provided to create lenses and install them onto the existing hardware for prescription lenses from NReal. Since we do not have supply from the NReal AR glasses company we will sometimes need additional time to produce a finished lens based on different screw lengths needed for thicker lenses. A outgoing shipping label is also included in the lens price. We will email you a shipping label after purchase.


(Pricing shown while selecting lenses)
We are temporarily offering limited prescription strengths
-6 sphere to +2 sphere / up to -2 cyl. 
  1. Single Vision Lenses - These lenses will be the same lens size as your demo frame lens. This will be distance only prescriptions.
  2. Bifocal Multivision Lenses - These lenses are for those who already wear lined bifocals / No line bifocals / Progressive lenses- This lens comes with a fixed-length longer vertical lens that has a lined bifocal at the bottom for reading near objects while wearing your headset. (This lens takes longer to ship)
  3. Progressive (No-Line) bifocal lenses - These lenses are for the same people in option 2. This lens is also a fixed length longer lens that has a invisible bifocal near the bottom for reading near objects while wearing your headset. This lens is the most to get used to as it has multiple viewing focal distances throughout the lens. If you have not tried this in a eyeglass yet. We do not suggest ordering your first Progressive as a AR lens  (This lens also takes longer to ship)

What comes with the complete package?

You will receive,

  • A protective hard case
  • Your lenses installed on your Nreal Air Prescription Frame
  • A microfiber cleaning cloth
  • 1 Year Warranty for your lenses only for coatings - (accidental coverage not offered at this time)


Damage Disclaimer* - We are not responsible for shipping loss or damage to your existing Nreal Air frame. If there is pre-existing damage we can not see, or your frame is originally bent out of shape we will not replace or refund you the cost of a Nreal Air frame. Your order will be cancelled and refunded minus a $20 fee for shipment services. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
JB (Torrance, US)
Crisp and clear screen / Super quick and nice service

I had a pretty tight timeline before I went away for a vacation. I wanted to use my Nreal Air during the 10-hour-long flights, and Jason at Reloptix helped me getting the prescription lenses in time. He was very responsive and nice during the process.

About the lenses, I had no idea how clear the Nreal Air screen would become. I can see each pixel with the prescription lenses attached. This is beyond my expectation.

Robert Tzuanos (Kenner, US)
I chose the right place to get these

I'm blown away by how much clearer i can read small print with the prescription lenses that were made for my Nreal Air glasses I sent in the dummy frame i got with the glasses and ordered the lenses sent them on December 8th got them returned to me on the 22nd great turnaround I would definitely recommend that you include your prescription when ordering thanks Reloptix

T.H. (Louisville, US)
I can finally see in my Nreal Air's!!

Great product, looks factory made and works perfectly! The packaging is great too, came in like a little Pelican Case! Highly recommend!