Reloptix Pimax 5K/8K/8KX Lens Insert Kit-Prescription (updated design)
Reloptix Pimax 5K/8K/8KX Lens Insert Kit-Prescription (updated design)
Reloptix Pimax 5K/8K/8KX Lens Insert Kit-Prescription (updated design)
Reloptix Pimax 5K/8K/8KX Lens Insert Kit-Prescription (updated design)

Reloptix Pimax 5K/8K/8KX Lens Insert Kit-Prescription (updated design)

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Prescription Instructions and PD measurement.


Reloptix Prescription lens inserts for the PIMAX 5k/8k/8kx Kit includes :

- 1  sliding mount for adjustable IPD 

- 1 set of sliding adjustable frames with premium anti-glare coated lenses.

- 1 hard case

- 1 eyeglass microfiber protective sleeve

- 1 premium microfiber cleaning cloth

- Kit includes a 1-year warranty.

* High Index lenses included

* Pupillary distance taken into account- failure to provide your PD measurement will void lens warranty


*processing time is 7- 12 business days (Saturday & Sunday do not count as business days). shipping time from Reloptix to your door is not estimated due to the variance of shipping options at checkout. -Free shipping to the U.S is USPS first class package typically 2 -3 days of travel time before hitting your door

Special Orders (4-5 weeks processing time)

*High powered prescription's Beyond -10.00 SPH and/or beyond -4.00 CYL may be considered a special order lens which can take additional time to process. 

*High powered prescription's Beyond +5.00 SPH and/or beyond +4.00 CYL may be considered a special order lens which can take additional time to process.

*Prescriptions that are plus power near +5.00 sph with ADD power(bifocal wearer), may convert to a higher +power which can then be a special order lens.

*Some Prism with low power prescriptions may be considered a special order, Some Prism in general may be considered special order and can take additional time to process. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
R Fitz (Ashburn, US)

The inserts are fantastic, thank you for asking for my review. keep up the great work guys!!

Matt (London, GB)
Excellent quality product, excellent customer service

Ordered from the UK, fast delivery in less than 2 weeks, excellent robust quality packaging, and the lenses themselves have real high quality feel to them. I got good comms from the guys at Reloptix too telling me exactly when it was being delivered, and overall I'm very happy. The lenses clip into place in the headset so no issues with them moving out of place during use.

Julius Schwarzer (Berlin, DE)
Great stuff, even for customers outside of US

I ordered to Central Europe between Christmas and new years. All all it arrived in under a little of two weeks. Great presentation but ofcourse tax has to be paid later on in customs.
Lenses fit perfectly, and are almost not noticeable when wearing the vr headset.
I would always recommend Reloptix.

Klaus Schmidinger (Oberhaching, DE)
The first really usefil lens kit for the Pimax 8KX

So far I have tried lenses from VRMust and VR-Rock, which both didn't really satisfy me. The Reloptix lens kit is the first one that is really useful. It snaps firmly into place and I don't even feel it when wearing the headset. And to those who complain that lenses (of any manufacturer) don't cover the entire FOV: neither do your normal glasses you wear every day! A wide FOV is necessary for spatial orientation, if you want to see something clearly, you look there.

Quinn Martin (Pascagoula, US)
The Best VR Solution Available for Wearers of Prescription Lenses

Disclaimer: This review is based on using the Reloptix Pimax lens adapter kit while using a Pimax 8KX VR headset with a 15mm facial gasket kit installed.

Chances are that if you are reading this review, you own or have been looking into purchasing a Pimax VR Headset. Also, chances are that you wear glasses and can’t see well enough without them to properly see. While wearing glasses with your Pimax headset is possible, it also comes with a degree of a lack of comfort and a distinct possibility that your prescription lens will come in contact with the Pimax lens. As a result of that, two things will most likely happen. You will probably, and in most cases, ruin your glasses with nicks and scuffs that you cannot buff out, and in the second, your eyelashes will try to clean your lens when you blink and leave a smudge that causes you now to have to look through, totally ruining your experience. Not to mention, the fogging of the lens while in your headset.

How do I know this? Because I have experienced every one of these scenarios and I have ruined four pairs of expensive prescription lenses in the process. But not to fret, there is a solution, and it’s not a very expensive one considering the risks you take while doing so in vr. Inserts. Prescription lens inserts to be exact, and if you look around, you’ll find a few places that offer them. There are two that I know of, and I believe a third one has entered the arena.
I bought into the idea that this was a good solution, and it was exactly what I needed. So, I purchased a set of lenses, and by set, I mean that the two lenses were separate from one another, and each installed separately. Watching the easy installation video, it appeared that the inserts snapped into place. But effectively they don’t. They rest under their own weight and are held in place by tiny little extrusions from the top of the frame that barely fit in behind the upper facial gasket and loosely lodge itself into place resting on the rubber nose piece seal.

So therefore, they were constantly moving around under normal usage of using the headset and had to be adjusted every time I wore the headset, causing me to have to slip my fingers in between the gasket and my eye space, to get the proper position or adjustment needed for proper viewing. Having to take this action each and every time after strapping the headset on, was totally an inconvenient experience and most of the time was the reason I just didn’t play that day.

So, then there was Reloptix, a company that offered a one piece, snap into place solution with an added IPD adjustment built right into the frames. I contacted Reloptix through their Discord channel and had discussions with Jason, about how they were constructed and that they definitely would be a snap in, non-moving, yet adjustable type inserts. I was sold. Now, let’s fast forward to the delivery. When I received my new lens adapters I was first surprised at the packaging and care that went into shipping them. I opened the box to find what replicates a tactical multipurpose storage box for safe keeping and protection from damage when not in use. And not to mention, a very high quality and well manufactured pair of lens adapters. Have a look at their installation video below for details of what's in the box.

After the easy installation I could hardly wait to try them out because after looking through them before reinstalling the facial kit, I was shocked at the clarity and comfort. Let me tell you, that experience was better than the feeling you get after you‚Äôve been needing glasses for a long time and then finally getting a pair that changed the way you see the world around you. Wow! The comfort and view were something that I had never seen before in my headset. My eyelashes were not ‚Äúscrubbing‚ÄĚ the screen and there was no distortion, chromatic aberration or any diffraction whatsoever on the outside edges, causing any kind of blurriness that appeared on the first set I purchased. I primarily only use my headset for sim racing, and I could actually see the reflection of the driver‚Äôs side rearview mirror without turning my head. Never before has that been possible. I tried them on all of the Pimax FOV settings, (Small, Normal and Large) and then realized that I have hit payday, and after three years of horrible vr experiences I could at last, fully enjoy what the Pimax experience has brought to the table.

I apologize for the long-winded review, but I felt it was necessary to convey the horrible experience of vr while wearing prescription glasses. Not to mention the expense of ruining four sets of prescription glasses in the process. If you have been hesitating on spending the money because of your uncertainty, well hesitate no more. This will be by far the best investment you can make for your vr experience if you wear prescription glasses. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! YouTube video placeholder