Reloptix Pico 4 - Prescription Kit
Reloptix Pico 4 - Prescription Kit

Reloptix Pico 4 - Prescription Kit

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Prescription Instructions and PD

Shipping estimates may change based on processing discovery

Current wait time to ship your order is 10-12 Business Days due to high demand. Shipping estimates at checkout do not affect the wait time and may change. Special Order and Experimental lens powers submitted will be approved or denied by our RX team and subject to additional fees. Check below for details.

Kit includes: Single magnetic frame does not need base adapter. Does not work with Pico Pro

  • 1 set of magnetic lens insert frames with premium anti-glare coated lenses
  • 1 hard case
  • 1 set of microfiber protective lens bags
  • 1 premium microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Kit includes a 1-year warranty
  • Aspheric High Index lenses included

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Special Order Prescriptions

Subject to approval and $25 non-refundable fee

  • Sphere -10.25 to -13.75, +5.25 to +6.75
  • Cylinder -4.25 to -5.75, +4.25 to +5.75
  • Custom designed frame may be required
  • Can take 5-6 weeks + to manufacture

Experimental Prescriptions

Subject to approval and $50 non-refundable fee

  • Sphere -14 to -16, +7 to +9
  • Cylinder -6 to -8, +6 to +8
  • Custom designed frame may be required
  • Can take 5-6 weeks + to manufacture

Please visit our Special Order / Experimental Lens page to better understand these services by clicking this text 

If your prescription is not listed in the experimental category, please reach out to us and we will see if we can accommodate you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tom Coakley (Tempe, US)
Surprising Improvement

I had the quest before my Pico and even though I remembered how much they improved with the prescription inserts, I still was surprised with my new set for the Pico. First of all, the Pico didn't need any special extra addons, I just pulled out the lenses from the nice bags and the went in magnetically. Entire install with a cleaning took 2 minutes. Then the visual quality in the headset is MUCH better than with my glasses and the spacer. The entire environment feels brighter and is much crisper. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Gilbert Cox (Mexico, US)
lens purchase for pico 4 headset

The lenses them selves are good, much better clarity than before with out lenses. Rating would have been higher except for two issues. 1. The amount of delay in finally getting lenses(much longer than what they advertised) and 2. The adapters are held to headset lens frame by magnets. These magnets are not strong enough, as they allow the lens to disengage and fall off, with very little effort. So you have to be mindful at all times when moving headset around when not on your head, that you do not cause lens to fall off.

Hello Gil we responded to you for model verification since we updated this model. Please respond to that since we have implemented thicker and more proportionate magnet sections. If you are testing them with your finger and making judgement because they move around then you will find they are free to move. However we want to know how they work as they are intended for VR use. Are they moving off freely in VR use or do they just seem like they would ?

Please send us the photos so we can confirm and replace. Thank you for your cooperation.

Austin King (Seattle, US)
Improved Magnetic fit

I am super happy with my prescription and magnetic fit for Pico 4.

I read the previous reviews and when I placed my order, let them know I was happy to wait for V2. Reloptix said they were redesigning the magnet fit. I got mine last weekend and they fit really well onto Pico 4's lens system.

This is my first custom lenses, in my Quest 1 and Vive Pro I always wore glasses inside. This is a massive improvement. Loving it!

Mary Lesh (Victorville, US)
Not recommended.

They are good prescription. But they don’t fit the lenses properly. They fall off. Use while sitting ok. Fall out when removing headset sometime when putting it on. Disappointed.

Hello Mary, this might be preventable if you reach out to us and tell us your situation. We didn’t know you had an issue until going public. We’re here if you need us. Thanks.

We also recommend loosening the headset while removing to avoid contact with your lenses.

Robert Fish (Bowie, US)
Not ready to recommend this product

I ordered lenses for the Pico 4 headset. I am currently working with Reloptix support to resolve concerns involving magnetic fit with the Pico 4. Magnets do not seem to properly align causing them to sit with part of the headset lens uncovered and part of the frame of the headset covered. Because of the magnets polarity, I cannot simply slide the lens to the proper position. In fairness, Reloptix was quick to respond; I have sent my lenses back for their review. I am currently waiting for their decision. I have to say, Reloptix installation videos show a perfect match to the headset [in the video]. As a consumer, my expectation is that their lenses will fit that way on all headsets that they make lenses for. I will have to wait to see if they agree.